The river

5 05 2010

There is nothing to point out today. I still feel sick with high temperature and the river, I saw from the train, is so high that is scary.
It’s dark and powerful and has a strenght I never saw on it. It’s still raining, pretty impossible to take pictures.
Not impossible to think though.

What I have to write down today is that no, I don’t want to leave all this. I don’t want to leave my family or my friends, I know they need me.
And this thought somehow is strong and painful.
Like a sharp knife here on the chest.

I’ll go to sleep soon, the flu is my only companion.
No pleasures, no ice creams, no pizza.
It would be pointless.

Tomorrow, maybe, tomorrow.
But these words are just meaningless today, I know.
It’s called being a filling.