This is all about a slave, trying to find a meaning, learning to submit to the right Master.

It’s a blog about my feelings on the path that will leads me to true ownership.

Expect some irony here and there. And a lot of brain activity.


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28 09 2009

Heh, this will only show what a blog newbie I am, but I couldn’t figure any way to respond to your comment back to you directly (not just on my blog which I assumed you’d never see again) without posting a comment on yours. But this really wasn’t intended to be a public comment.

I found it interesting the meaning you found in my words. Actually, more than interesting, it’s a topic all unto itself. My original meaning was only that it was not any sort of power grab to express an opinion and only a weak dom would think it was. Having a discussion, asking questions, etc. are not “topping from the bottom”.

The meaning you found though was much broader than that. And, honestly, I think it’s a really valuable meaning. All too often I see submissive using the role as a way to hide and NOT ask questions or express themselves. I much prefer your read on it… that asking questions, expressing opinions, and the like is part of the sub role. It’s certainly a more healthy viewpoint than the alternative.


28 09 2009

thank you for the comment eheh! I must say that your comment put things in perspective now… my interpretation was of course inspirational but I deeply find that in my role as a sub I need to ask and express and always talk out loudly. this is for I have a very strong desire of being “open” as I call it… and I guess the only way for me to be open is to talk so my Owner can understand (hopefully) how I think and in the end reach my “soul”… in that I find a big pleasure, sometimes even bigger than other more canonical ones, for reasons that I still have to understand completely :p

2 03 2011

Hi slave, boy, London,

I got ur blog site by SLP being told by urself of blog “Hello

Sorry I didn’t read ur response in LSP earlier, that’s why I couldn’t reply to u here earlier.

I’d like to know u more if u feel the needs too. Feel free to tell me more of ur feelings and desires of being a totoal pain slave?

Sir Sjong

4 03 2011

more than simply being a total pain slave (I always find the “total” word a bit too dramatic for me hehe) I really would like to explore this side of me to see where it leads. I like pain of course, being so close to pleasure, and I like the idea of being aroused by it, to please my Master in every aspect.
It would be wonderful, I guess, to be a creature of pure pleasure for his Master where the only punishment would be the lack of abuse… but maybe I am being a bit too roimantic? Heheh

15 03 2011

wonderful slaveboy!
I like to dominate a boy, and love to own a boy who is willing to give himself totally to me, leave his body and soul in my hands, and just receive and carry out my needs and desires whatever I like, ur duty is just suffering the pain and humilation from me and be faithful to me.
Have u got some/many experiences of being a slaveboy paintoy?
Sir Sjong

17 03 2011

I haven’t got that much of experience to be true, and that’s part of the problem for me as it is difficult to find someone to build up trust and hence have this sort of experience. 😦

10 07 2011

Hello, how can I get in touch with you? Do you have an email I could send a message to? I really like your blog and find many of the emotions you describe familiar, and since we live in the same city it would be cool to meet in person one day.

I’m Tom, 23.

17 08 2011

provide me a suitable email to write to. all comments are moderated so it will be kept safe :p
you can also find me on recon if you want! 🙂

17 08 2011

i’d like to get in personal touch (by email) with u guys (Tom and Andrea) too.
my email address is: sjong07@gmail.com
Hopefully get ur emails soon.
Sir Sjong from Amsterdam

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