Number 0: the fool

1 10 2013

So this is the new beginning, this is me starting to try to go somewhere, somewhere I don’t know, somewhere I have never been Somewhere where I will be free.

Will I succeed? Will I fail?
I don’t know either, but I know I will.

I can’t see the path lied ahead of me but you can see fear on my face, because fear it is that keeps me away from myself, fear of showing to everyone the beast.

I talk to you know, my dark seed, I talk to you now that we can see each other in the eyes for what we are… it is me, your capturer and you, my beast.
Listen to the song, how it stays with you, how it sits in you with comfort. Let it sink in your fangs, let it drown in your heart.
Open your eyes, watch me
I promise I will take care of you
You won’t be alone anymore
these are the words you want
and you have them now
come with me
take my hand
bring me to the place
we’ve never been

I am two now
and I start my new walk
into the sands of time
step by step
breath after breath

His golden hair are over us
as we struggle
he tells us what to do
get on your knees with me
you’re strong
help me to be strong like you
and more

for we are here and the hair of the Fool is falling on us like stars.
this is the new beginning of something
i don’t have a name
i know i will be with you

because it’s who i am

im in love

with you



and the music will go and go and go and go and go and go and go and go and go and go and go and go




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