6 05 2010

The bell is sounding, all the valley can hear it to be honest, but here is very strong, we are just underneath it. It’s the biggest sounding bell in the world I believe.
I always liked it when I was a child, the message of peace that it brings every night at the same time to remember all who died during the war and to remember us the importance of peace.

So everything tastes of memories… the happiness of childhood, the music my parents loved (appearing on tv in a strange show about the 80’s) and what I loved of that distant and happy times.
Maybe I wasn’t that happy, maybe I just remember it as happiness. But somehow the music and the bell now brings back memories I can’t hold.

And this was my favourite song which I forgot and I listend to for the last time when I was fourteen y.o. and my father left me in the car for he had to do something in the vineyard.

Weird enough now I can understand it. And I’m not so sure if I should smile.
Today I don’t want to think.
I want silence, everywhere.




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