Lost in bubble

22 04 2010

And decay indeed is in place. I feel I am losing myself. But not in a way I could like it, I feel I am losing the self that animated this pages with his hopes for just a little bit of ownership.
I fail to understand what started this feeling, it’s not merely the absence. It’s something more, it’s deeper and makes ,me feel like shit.
Why I have to feel things with such a strength? Why can’t I immunise myself against everything? Why I am not contained by my shiny armour and yet when I escapes it always find a way to have me back inside her?
This is ridiculous. The whole thing is ridiculous. I feel just nothing, only boredom and I’m upset by the lack of details this situationI put myself into has. There is something missing, a constant thorn at my side.
What is it? Do you know?




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