So to speak

21 04 2010

If change is coming, change must be understood. If the understanding for any reason is lacking, we might seek help and ask someone else to speak for us. That someone, in today’s case, is the I Ching, the book of change. I always like I Ching, always, since the first time I discovered it in a little book from a not so famous sci-fi author (whoever find out the author, will have my never-ending sympathy).

So asking about change to the Book of change, sounded somehow right. The question, of course, will not revealed for obvious reasons but the answer was, I must say, rather impressive.

Standing there, after the ritual toss of the coins, was the diagram number 18: KU the Decay.

Wind is trapped under the mountain and so the decay is in act.

	Has supreme success.
	It furthers one to cross the great water.
	Before the starting point, three days.
	After the starting point, three days.

So they say, speaking of something that is maybe old and rotten and need to be cut. Might be old habits, old thought, might be the boredom of life, might be anything. But whatever it is, is decaying because it lacks the foundations because it’s simply coming from an abuse of freedom. I suggest caution though because one need to do what he’s doing to be able to “cross the water” to change, to go on. Before and after caution is needed. New energy must be brought in to end the state of stasis which leads to decay and remove stagnation, because and end is needed to start a new beginning.

Going further on, the changing lines are even more funnier.

Six in the fifth place means:
	Setting right what has been spoiled by the father.
	One meets with praise.

So the decay is indeed is something old, coming from a previous situation (aka the father) and only with sincere help and praise, one can meet the necessary success.

Nine at the top means:
	He does not serve kings and princes,
	Sets himself higher goals.

And this last changing line is the cherry on the pie. It speaks of a man who doesn’t abide to social rules – “does not serve kings”- but find his way in withdrawal from the mass for a deeper connection with oneself is needed.

The conclusion of this pretty obvious situation is diagram 48: the Well

The Well, the eternal nourishment, the water coming off the wood to satisfy all our thirsty thoughts. Because cities and wall goes down and are created but the Well remains for it is life and life is never ending. To approach it though one must be cautious, one must go to the foundation of oneself and come back without rushing, at his own peace. Because the foundation of every human being is the same and we need to reach them to understand and evolve from there again but we can get stuck in our own education, leading to a stasis and the simplicity of following conventions, or we might just collapse and neglect ourself and the path we did so far. We must follow the wise order and begin to build this foundation again, piece by piece, step by step.

As usual I Ching spoke and I am impressed. The answer is quite far from the question but it fits the situation perfectly.
As usual I understand why Jung loved it soo much, devoting himself in spreading this ancient book all over Europe.

If this is not epiphany I don’t know what else could be.

	Has supreme success.
	It furthers one to cross the great water.
	Before the starting point, three days
	After the starting point, three days.



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