Simple as drinking, difficult as breathing

9 04 2010

Aren’t we always here, trying to find another question or another darn answer?
Three months and I am back on track. I lost my place and now I am slowly finding it back. It’s magic and you know it when you see it, you feel it with the first whip on your skin… it’s magic and it’s a path and it leads me here again and again.
Drawn to explore, bound to face my fears… the real ones… the ones that make you smell badly and wake you up during the night in a pool of sweat. But even behind them there is always the search, the path to knowing myself more and more and more… and facing what I am with more strength, with the joy of truth.
Am I travelling in places too dark? I am dreaming of ownership too vividly? Who knows.
There is pleasure though and joy alongside with pain. And I am glad to give my pain to him, somehow.

It’s strange the world of the mind, its strawberry fields are vast and morbid. Too beautiful to avoid them. It’s time to start to compromise.

So, looks like I have a owner. It’s distant yet, it’s something just starting.
But to start you have to be crazy and I was. To start you have to be the Fool and brace yourself for the journey that starts with a leap of faith.

Here I am, naked and on my knees, gain.
Waiting to learn, waiting to let me go.
Waiting to kiss and swallow.




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