one simple word

28 09 2009

today I read this:

Talking, expressing viewpoints, and asking questions are what the sub does

(taken from here)

and it made me think. Me being a sub is something that I’m still processing. I know I know, we are not all exceptional, we are all somehow similar, we are human, we have the same mind processes somehow, we share a lot of culture. We are all different, yes, but at the same time we are all similar.
Yet, to be honest, I fail to think the “being a sub” thing as a whole world of people sharing something similar, even similar mental processes.
I have to say that being reminded of that is somehow very salutary for me and that phrase catched an issue I’m having in these days and now I guess it might be a sub thing.
These days I’m just thinking too much, putting too many things under the microscope, dissecting too many thoughts and emotions. But then maybe is simple part of my role? is simple part of being a sub that leads me to express myself, to ask questions to talk?
Is that so simple?
I find fascinating how much I like when someone just put an end to my thought with a belt or a word or a simple slap… putting me into place. But then what if that talking, that expressing, is part of being a sub? what if it’s simple a measure of defence, a last beacon of hope?
Intriguing. Again we take a turn and we go back to magic, where words are simply as this: power.
And stripping a sub of words, it’s maybe just that, stripping him of power.




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