17 09 2009

In these days I have to think too much. I have to study french, I have to work properly, I have to do all the things that anyone does to survive in this world.
Survive is the right term. I cannot say I’m exactly living, for living would mean I am doing what I like and at the moment I don’t. Work is fine, sometimes even fun, still I’m missing something and that something is a way to express myself.
I’m being too lazy, that’s the problem. Being lazy has always been my problem and now, in this city where everything is so fast paced, it’s becoming something serious.

Maybe I need more whipping? Maybe I need to read more books. Maybe.
What I lack now is what everyone on my situation lacks: time.

So I won’t complain. There must be a solution for me. Something involving ropes, hopefully. 🙂




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