14 09 2009

I forgot yesterday to post.
Quite interesting, to forget. These are strange days in which I have to think too much and put myself to test. I have to observe.
I didn’t get anything of what I wanted and that’s mainly what hurts.
I guess that’s one of the reasons I like pain, to be honest. Is rather simple to suppress the pain one feels in himself just by a more physical kind of pain. It’s also more manageable, for there is a limit to that kind of pain, and after that endorphins comes and it’s not pain anymore, it’s heaven.
But when the pain comes from the soul, what’s a whip hard enough to melt it? what’s a collar strong enough to tame it?

There’s no pace these days. I wish the chains I like could keep my mind shut. If not forever, at least just for a night.




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