When it’s all about time

9 09 2009

Today is a strange day. It should be, for it’s 09/09/09 and I won’t say why but I’ll leave you with google for that. It’s fun because we had and we will have this kinds of days untile 2012. So means we’re somewhere strange, timely speaking, for we’re building a new century and there’s always power in that. It’s a thing that happens only once every century and maybe it doesn’t have any meaning but it’s fun to think it has. Numbers are magic, you know?

Today then signs the star of more intense and physical kind of training. Nothing hard or harsh for now, but just a constant lesson about what’s time and how I should spend most of my time (naked and worshipping of course, maybe hurt too).
It has come to my mind that maybe it might be silly to have all this tasks to do… especially when I don’t understand the meaning of them. Maybe I’m not supposed to understand, but I endure and I follow my schedule as much as work permits.
But I think almost everyone could think is silly. Let’s face it: it is silly. We decided one day to leave the realms of omologative sex and we drove our boat in the mouth of Desire. And she’s a very harsh Mistress, as we all know.
So it’s with a kind of a grin that I accept my duties and I follow the path lied down for me. I know the other side of the road would laugh but I don’t care anymore. What I’ve built for me is what I’m meant to be.
There’s the coincidence of the ego, the reassurance of habits but that wasn’t me anymore.
All now is about exploring and see how far we can go, how much can I take, how strong I am. In that, there’s magic.
For magic is also this: choosing a different path.
Almost always, a very silly one too.




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