the day after

8 09 2009

*due to some problem from email posting I lost part of the post LOL
let’s try to write it again*

Is always like this, calm and paceful
and also it happens I think. Unluckily thinking is part of my program, is part of my paradigm… I already explained but I never understood why I have to think about everything always and ever.
But today it was different, for I thought less and I enjoyed more a sunny day in London and the delicacies that this city can give us.

I like London, looks like. I don’t love it any more like I was used to love it when I was living abroad. It’s dull somehow and different and very cynical. But it has power, it has nice little sweet things where to go to treat yourself properly. You just have to pay.

So here I am, lost in a city of wonders, without a clue where I’m going yet.
I like it.
I feel like a kinky Alice in Wonderland, willing to explore another glamorous dungeon.




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