Before going to sleep

4 09 2009

I like that sensation before going to bed. It’s calmness, is relax. It’s a foreplay for Morpheo.

I was thinking what will be having my Master’s hand on my body, on my face, on my legs. How will be kneeling for him, bowing my head and whispering “yes Sir”.
Is a slave life a life of imagination? Is imagination what you’ve got when you’re not supposed to even touch your cock?
It’s curious, imagination is the tool of the magician too.
If you look at it he has one hand above and one below, a being in the middle of earth and air to symbolize the act of making, the exchange.
But again he has on his desk the instrument of magic, and among them the most important is imagination.

The tarots… I like them, they are powerful archetypes somehow.
My card is the hermit… a card of silence, introspection, isolation and deep understanding.
If I look at myself I am all of that, but deep understanding is what I’m looking for, what motivates me to go on.
So that’s why I don’t judge… I just want to understand, completly.

Sometimes I feel an hermit, and in that times I always seek cover under the night, to read or travel in strange places of the internet.
Is also this what I am, a seeker of a path long lost, with the only gift of a bit of light.
I hope it will be enough to lighten my way.
I hope.




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