Are we

31 08 2009

Are we really free? Free from what we have to do everyday to survive this world, free from pattern hidden in our cultures since ages past, free from saying what we have to say instead of saying what we should say?

The path I’m looking for is a path of truth. And with truth comes sacrifices… I can see now how every time I speak, every time I eat, every time I walk in the tube, I’m sacrificing truth and freedom just for living in a world that doesn’t belong to me as much I belong to it.

Sometimes I see things like they are, distant and frail, build up on a castle made of cards.
These are the times I need a collar and some restraints, there are the times when I need heavy bondage.
Being brought down to what I am, purely and simply, that’s what I need.
With no lies, with no regrets.
Just with the feeling I’m not giving up anything, the feeling I’m not living a façade.
With a gag in my mouth I understand that words are useless.
What really counts there is what I am and what I’m doing.
For every action I take, is an action of freedom… the freedom of being simply me.
What a luxury, what a luxury!




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