an orgasm for my Reign!

19 08 2009

There was a day, a sunny day. The weather was pleasant and the summer hot. A boy was walking the street, excited with his new toy, a cd box, with a certain album inside.
That was the time of  cd-walkman, quite far from mp3 or iphones, and the boy opened the cd case with shaking hands for he was so happy to hear that new album.
The first song was delicious, the second was good, the third was sublime… and then the forth came…
The boy didn’t stop walking, but it wasn’t important any more what he was doing… the song entered in him like a dream, spoke to his mind like a sin, conquered is body like a cock… and as the song grow up something happened… something unexpected: an orgasm. And a darn good one.
Growing with the notes, following the magnitude of the voice and the music, the feeling grew from the back spine and like a wave crushed every single part of the boy’s body. Still walking he closed the eyes and didn’t stop walking, savouring every single moment like precious stones for his memory.
Then the music had to stop and the boi stopped too.  He put the cd away, to never listen that song again for he was afraid it could never have the same effect on him again.

Such is sometimes the power of mind, he learnt that day. He found out that his mind could do that to him and he smiled.
For the body follows the mind. And when the mind can do that, it can do anything.




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