Let’s say thank you

16 08 2009

Thank you to the nice system engineers that thought for wordpress a way to blog via email so I can lie down pretending I’m almost dead while still doing something.
Thank you to the lovely man who invented escalators for after 14 hours of work they are precious without any doubt.
Thank you for the fast foods, so I could go there and have a nice lunch with two super hot guys (at least I can still watch the hot guys, can I?).
And thank you for the patience for today and yesterday I’ve been a bit demanding. I guess I’m still a little selfish thing, ain’t I?

As I am lying here, next to collapse for too much work and the sleep deprivation of the previous days, I caught myself thinking I would like some belting. This could exactly be a perfect time, for I am far to tired to debate in any way, far too tired to complain, far too tired to even stand. LOL
The realm of desires is such a funny thing, isn’t it? The more you travel in it the more you find pretty lovely scaring little things.
Now I faint and tomorrow I’ll speak of something more interesting than my mere desire of a beating. Hopefully.




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