On nothing else but truth

13 08 2009

I’ve always been a very rational person, yet I’ve always been interested in magic and spirituality. I knew it was some kind of paradox but I didn’t care too much, it was just me and my mind to defend me against a plethora of fools.
then something happened and I called that something the unexpected. My body told me what I was going to like and my mind couldn’t cope with it.
I kinda remember the first time I saw a BDSM video… it was one of the classics from Tom Rope McGurk, featuring what would eventually became my idol for a few months, Master Jason Branch. I was quite young and quite foolish but that unexpected was simple in is truth: I was leaking like I neved did during any “vanilla” sex intercourse.
So my body spoke to me and my mind rebelled. My mind trembled and I fled.

Here I am now, I realized what I like, I realized what I crave. Still my mind fears while my body wants more. Hence I follow the body.
The body is a shell, a shell for the soul.
Through my body my mind will eventully knows and understands what’s its place.

For there’s no freedom for me but when I’m there, when ecstasy is on my lips and my body is on fire.
Only when I’m there I know the what’s the deal, only when I’m there I know the truth.
For there’s no hiding from what I am and now I realize it.
There’s just to embrace and beg for more.




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