11 08 2009

Is that right what I feel? The desire to please, to obey, my carve for control? The willingness to let someone to get inside my head so easily?
Will I be honest as much as I’m asked to be, will I be able to face what I am, to understand it, to go past it and find my true self?

These are just questions, I can’t answer them for now nor I should… I have to let me go for now, to follow where I’m going to see where it leads me. I see I reached a point were I won’t look back. And that’s beautiful somehow.
It will all make sense eventually, I think. Epiphany never looked so near me as today.
And today it’s just nothing of what it can be, isn’t it?

So let me sleep this sleep of ignorance. Let me dream of bliss.
The bed is near and the day was meaningful. The boy has served and has pleased and is happy.
He must sleep again.




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