when the sky is the limit

10 08 2009

Something is happening around me and although I will not speak of it, I must say it’s leading me to think about the limits.
In every D/s relationship, as far as I know, there’s a subtle play about the limits, about setting them and pushing them a little further.
There are contracts and consents, there is the word and the will.
No wonder why I find it so easy to connect with spirituality and the occult. It’s just a thin veil what separate them.

So I’m wondering where my limits are, both on this world and in the other, thinking how to deal with them, what to do and what’s the key for them to open myself.

For as far as I saw, it’s all about words and will and contracts only for one reason:
to safeguard ourselves when we’re open for the Master.

So the connections is easy, again.
Words are the magic circle of BDSM.




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