A day of sun, a day of thoughts

9 08 2009

Today was a wonderful day, a day of sun, a day of shopping.
Today I realized how much I carve for control and how much I need it for sometimes I’m not able to control myself.
Today I realized how deep inside myself is the need to serve but also how strong is my fear.
How much I need to feel to have someone to guide me for I’m not sure what to do.

There are still a lot of questions inside my mind, but today is not the day to discuss them.
Today I just realized a couple of things, I bought a book on BDSM and Paganism and I’m waiting for my daily epiphany.

Is far to come, I fear.
But I’m pretty confidant.

Also I’m darn curious about that book and I want to wank but I can’t.
I guess that’s life… a sub’s life! ahah 🙂




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