It’s all about thinking

7 08 2009

What’s catching my mind today is the Book of Pleasure.
It might be a nice reading, it might not. It might prove distant or crazy, it might just annoy you.
I’m still far from reading it completly, but I find it amusing… somehow I found it my chance and now it’s awakening in me certain (and long lost) lust for spirituality and occult knowledge.
I might be edgy here, just not giving anything else that hints… but at the present time I don’t know where I’m heading even if I might have a glimpse.

I should read the Tarots, really.
For some silly reason, as much as I try to keep myself rational and analytical, I always need an irrational point to start with.
It’s pretty random, it might be I-ching or Tarot or anything else. But it’s like there to let me go further and adding meanings to meanings.

I’m on a path. I fail to see it, really.
It doesn’t mean I will give up in my searching of an understanding.

For there is no white and black, there is a multitude of shades of gray. And that’s where I’m heading.




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