On a dream and a kind of meaning

5 08 2009

Dreams are the words of our sub-conscious. Dreams are the world of our soul. So it’s quite nice to analyze them and the feeling they bring, for they speak for us on the most primal level. They came from that dark place where we still are children fearing the monsters under the bed… and the must be understood or at least remembered.
Tonight I had a weird dream… my workplace was flooded by the sea, a dark and green sea and everyone was scared and crying and everyone looked so old and pitiful and suddenly the doors were shut and we had to leave. The flood was coming but I wasn’t scared. I liked the sea, it’s dark color, it’s strenght, it’s ravageous beauty. I was mainly worried for my collegues, they were sad and sobbing, while I was watching the sea growing from the beach and I was savouring it’s calm but inesorable conquest of the beach.
I didn’t sleep well. I woke up a lot of time due to some noise around. My sleep is always light and soft… as much as me.
But that dream was sort of a relieve, something weird but nice too, something scaring but fascinating.

I think I know the meaning. I think I might understand who’s the flood (although to my knowledge the flood is not the same as the sea).
So I have to welcome that flood, to be able finally to see the see winning over everything.
A shining green mass of shining feelings. The waves are coming, I have to see where they will lead me.




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