it's just a music

4 08 2009

It might be just a song, again, and it might have some other meanings too.
It’s about an apprentice not able to stop a spell he was able to put in place… it’s about a Sorcerer coming to aid and stop the mess.

I find amusing how my mind made the connection so easily between that apprentice and me, especially when he starts to chop the broomstick and from every single piece of it another walking broomstick arise ready to clean as it was before the first one… a legion of broomsticks or, if you want, a legion of self.
We are all bound to ourself, we are almost all alone… yet every effort we make on suppressing part of ourselves to go on living results invariably in more fear, more pieces scattered around our souls, more poison or our heart.
Then suddenly something happen or someone comes and he points out the mess and he fixes it.
And a lesson will be learned.

It’s my case in the willingness to suppresse my submissive side, telling to myself that I don’t need it… but every further chopping of the broomstick it’s just a short break, the horniness will come and will make me do things I will regret.
Until the dream will come true and I’ll find a Sorcerer that with the power of a few words will stop the broomstick and finally set the silence necessary to feel myself.
And the words, to be spoken only with the utmost truthful intent, are very easy and are as follow:

“You are mine
and I’ll take care of  you”

Nothing more, nothing less.

Now playing: Philadelphia Orchestra – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
via FoxyTunes




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