Still the same undies

1 08 2009

Here I am, following orders seriously for the first time. It sounds it’s my place, it’s what I am, something hidden deep inside me that is yet to be accepted or understood.
I’m following the orders of a Master and thursday he made me cum in my underwear and then I had to wear them till sunday… it’s been three days and then from sunday I’ll have to follow a strict series of rules about washing and underwear, a way to understand that I’ll have to give up on things that I keep for granted.
I guess it’s only the start, isn’t it?

I have to open myself and find that something that I deeply miss and that makes me leaking so much precum just reading a text message.

But yet I’m scared and thoughtful about what to do, what’s wrong and what’s right.
I have only my body and its pleasure to understand that I’m enjoying it on a subconscious level because the rest of my mind is trying to rationalize all this hornyness and leaking.
I guess there’s not too much to rationalize, it’s what I am… a slave looking for a Master, following orders as it should be.

But it’s not easy as it sounds and the path to walk is still long.
I’ll do my best, as always.




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